Luuto is to the north of Graado. It’s about three times as big with twice the population
and five or six times the regional influence. The leaders of Luuto and Graado have a
complicated relationship; Luuto looks to Graado as a “little brother” and ally with great
potential but minimal power at the moment largely due to its internal security issues.
Luuto sometimes loans money or troops to Graado to help them out, and hopes the rebel problem
will end soon.

Graado appreciates the help Luuto offers but Graado’s leaders are somewhat resentful of their
suboordinate position and hope to compete with or even surpass Luuto in regional politics someday.

Luutians are the dominant ethnic group of Luuto, having occupied the territory since prehistory.
They are closely related to the Wind Culture native to Graado, and the two peoples share a common
ancestor although they have small physical differences. The non-native Loyalist people of Graado
are ethnic Luutians as well, since the modern history of Graado began with Luutian colonization.

Luuto has a small rebel movement that is inspired by the one in Graado. However, it is much smaller
and the government has generally had success containing it. There are no Wind Culture people in
Luuto so the demographic circumstances are quite different. Some Graadian rebels are trying to
establish contact with the Luutian rebels and help “fan the flames”, but others think that this
is a waste of time and that the rebels should stick to their own country.

Players could theoretically go to Luuto if they wanted. It would probably involve meeting up with
some smugglers from Glass Shores or some of the rebels who want to work with their Luutian counterparts.
However, there’s a very good chance that this would end badly for the player because the Luutian rebels
don’t really control any territory of their own or have an ability to harbor refugeees, and the Luutian
government usually just deports Graadian refugees back to Graado, where they suffer poor treatment.
Another option would be for the player to become a Loyalist; then, depending on the player’s history,
they might get clearance to go visit Luuto.


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