This is the main country of the story. It’s reasonably well-regarded internationally
but not that powerful. It’s often seen as the “little brother” of Luuto, its larger,
richer, more populous neighbor to the north.

Graado has a bit of an internal security problem due to the rebel activity, a fact
that the leadership in Graado hopes to change. It is largely the aspirations of
Graado’s leadership to become a regional industrial power and a competitor to Luuto,
combined with the disapproving attitude of potential foreign investors toward the
Rebel – Loyalist conflict, that motivates the Loyalist leaders to “bring down the hammer”
on the rebels. The attitude of the leadership varies from begruding tolerance to
outright persecution depending on the political and economic climate at the time.

The largest proportian of the Graadian population is made up of Luutian people who
are the descendents of colonists. (~75%) The second largest group is made up of Wind Culture people
who are indigenous to the island (~15%). Most of the Wind Culture people are Rebels but a few have become Loyalists.
The third largest group is made up of K’sa immigrants (~5%) who have divided allegiances.
The fourth largest group (if it is considered a group) is made up of Lowland Bears (~3%) , who are generally considered to
be Rebel-aligned but do not participate much in human civilization. The remainder of the island’s people (~2%) are
non-native people of varied origin. Due to a massive global conflict that Graadians don’t know much about, many
of these assorted immigrants have lost contact with their home countries and don’t remember anything from before their
families moved to Graado.

The island is also divided such that about 70% of the island is Loyalist and 30% of it Rebel.
About half of the Rebels are either Wind Culture people or Bears. The miscellaneous immigrant population
is about evenly divided betweent the rebels and the loyalists. K’sa people are also about half Rebel
and half Loyalist, which means that they’re more predisposed than Luutian people to join the Rebel


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